Instant Payday Network – Might Be a Scam

Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network might be a scam. Lloyd here and one day doing some searching in Facebook at some of my friends and what they were up to, I ran across Jeff Bucananan’s program for making money. This is my uncensored review concerning a work from home opportunity. As with any MLM offer or system I review, I always want to be as transparent as possible with nothing hidden when it comes to legitimate ways to work from home and make money online.

It is a simple 4 step system designed to put massive income in your bank account. So the question is the program just another scam? The Instant Payday Network is absolutely not a scam. It leverages a number of Fortune 500 companies. And leverage is what you need in any business. The best part about this is that Instant Payday Network leverages (or uses) these Fortune 500 company’s money to pay you.

Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network

It is very simple. In fact Jeff set up Instant Payday Network to walk you through everything step by step.

You will go to mycashfreebies and doublemycashfreebies and sign up for free trials (not all are free, but you choose what works best for you, of course I went all free) to these Fortune 500 companies.

You now have the ability to send referrals to these companies and earn $20 and $30 per referral.

Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network has everything set up for you and teaches you how to drive traffic to these sites.
Instant Payday Network: Summary

4 Step System that is 100% Free
Not a scam:Legitimate Business
Leverages Fortune 500 Companies
Everything is set up for you
Best training on the market provided – FREE
Oh Yeah – Cash paid daily

This is one of the most legit online businesses that I have come across on the net period! It is 100% FREE to join, you are awarded with 100% FREE video, resources, autoresponders! You are actually working for fortune 500 companies, which makes it even sweeter, because you know that your “Gonna Get Paid” Period”. It’s a 100% FREE SIMPLE Money System That “Works”..!


Should YOU get involved with Instant Payday Network?

Well, that’s up to you. It’s not for everyone, and you have to believe you can do it… truthfully, that’s the biggest hurdle you’ll have to jump because the rest is almost too simple to explain.

Overall, the Instant Payday Network is a great option to utilize if you are looking for a way to create some cash flow–which can be directly deposited into your Paypal or Payza account.

If you want to get a larger look at the business, simply follow this link:



About Lloyd Dobson

Hey Lloyd here, thanks for checking out my web page. I have been making a full time income training people and businesses on secrets to marketing online and to position themselves in front of the money. There are only two words necessary to make a full time income on the Internet: TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS. Period! As an entrepreneur you are in business to make a profit. In the spring of 2007 was able to leave an executive position in corporate America to do what I wanted to do, when I want to do it and where I want to do it. My choice was the sugar white sand beach of Florida living the dream. My position was General Operating Manager for a couple of multi-million dollar a year companies. Please reach out to me if you want a person who can get your business information on page #1 of Google. We are in a high tech era and people are utilizing the Internet to find what they want. If you are not utilizing SEO, social media, websites, blogging and collecting your customer's contact information, you will be loosing them to your competitors soon. Contact me and I will show you how you can position your business in front of the money. I wish you all the best!. You can read more about me by clicking on the "About Me" tab at the top.
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8 Responses to Instant Payday Network – Might Be a Scam

  1. andressa deleon says:

    Have u done it ? Is this really true?

  2. DeQuawon Coble says:

    my name is DeQuawon Coble. I am a 26 year old male who is unemployed. i am so disappointed with this whole system and the people who scam people like me, (who are genuinely looking for work), just to be let down by scams like this. I’ve tried this so called instant payday training program, just to find out you need a credit card to do the “free” offers they so highly talk about. easy? yeah it is easy alright; easy to twist and convince you that a system like this works, all the while sending pointless junk to your email, taking your money and wasting your time. this system is just like all the rest; full of hype and time wasting. if this is a true system and not a scam, then send me an email at showing me otherwise. no actors, no script, no cameras panning in on a person while artificially smiling about nothing. i want a raw homemade video. i am sick and tired of scams and i need proof that this is real.

    • Lloyd Dobson says:

      Hi DeQuawon, Just because you need a credit card is by no way making it a scam. Your credit card is not charged, if you cancel before the trial period for the offers. Now with that said, go to this website of mine and watch the videos under the “Signup Training” tab. Here you will find an option to complete the qualifications without using a credit card. I wish you well and here is the website:

  3. I haven’t signed up as yet, but I’m leaning to. Tell me what is the process for how being paid.
    How does it wwork. You say you can get $ 20 or $ 30 per referral. who pays the referral and
    how do they get the money to me. Check? other method or how. In all I” ve read about the
    program this was neve mentioned.

    • Lloyd Dobson says:

      Hi Bill, In have been with the system for several months; however it is only one of several income sources I generate online. You are paid to PayPal daily depending upon the completion of people taking the trial offers that are paid by the companies. These companies are numerous fortune 500 companies. This is the way Apple does such a great job when they come out with a new product. The money for these companies is in their list and they pay us for the people we refer to them. You may go here to see my training website for signing up and for marketing the system http://In I can be of further assistance. please do not hesitate to contact

      I might add that as of March they have increased the $20 payout to $25 and the $30 to $33 for a total of $58 If

  4. Very shortly this site will be famous among all blog people, due to it’s good articles


    i want join but i want ask is my income can be sent via western union? because i don’t use pay pay.

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